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Technology >> Why quick frozen food is safe, how to do it?
Why quick frozen food is safe, how to do it?

Most foods can be preserved for a long time if they are frozen quickly and kept at a low temperature until ready for use. Slow, natural freezing destroys food because the low temperatures draw all the water from the tiny cells of the food, affecting color and flavor. Clarence Birdseye invented a way for quick freezing in 1921. This method prevents breakage of the cell walls because the freezing process is so fast. Thus, in quick-frozen food most of the flavor, color and firmness is retained.

Our cold-air blast quick freezer requires a refrigeration system to be equipped. Refrigeration system supply cold energy so inside the quick freezer -35 ºC strong cold air circulates through the food on conveyor by fan and guiding plate until the food core temperature reaches -18ºC (or other required temperature). Conveyor running speed is adjustable so at this time food should be carried out of quick freezer. 

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